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  • [2020년1분기프리오더][표인][RING TOYS][RT005DX] 1/6 DaoMa (Deluxe Edition) l 도마 (디럭스 에디션)
  • 425,000원
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  • [2020년1분기프리오더][VTS TOYS][VM028] 1/6 The Negotiator l 네고시에이터
  • 297,000원
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  • [입고완료/즉시배송][CAT TOYS][CT018-A] 1/6 Fighter (Black Ver.) l 파이터 (블랙 버전)
  • 155,000원
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  • [입고완료/즉시배송][VTS TOYS][VM027] 1/6 The Revenger (Ultimate Edition) l 리벤져 (얼티밋 에디션)
  • 228,000원
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  • [입고완료/즉시배송][TOYS ERA][PE003-A] 1/6 The Parasitic (Luxury Edition) l 패러시틱 (럭셔리 에디션)
  • 359,000원
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  • [입고완료/즉시배송][SOLDIER STORY][SS106] 1/6 Medal of Honor (Navy Seal Tier 1 Operator Voodoo) l 메달 오브 아너 (네이비 씰 티어 1 오퍼레이터 부두)
  • 219,000원
  • [입고완료/즉시배송][SOLDIER STORY][SS-WWE-001] 1/4 John Cena l 존 시나
  • 835,000원
  • [SOLDIER STORY][SS101] 1/6 NYPD ESU "K-9 Division" l NYPD ESU "K-9 디비전"
  • Sold Out
  • [SOLDIER STORY][SS100] 1/6 NYPD ESU "Tactical Entry Team" l NYPD ESU "택티컬 엔트리 팀"
  • Sold Out
  • [SOLDIER STORY][SS099] 1/6 Blue Steel Commandos SWAT l 블루 스틸 코만도 SWAT
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